Refryd Distributing

"Sellers of Eclectic Consumer Products"

We purchase only unique items ...

Refryd Distributing travels each year to trade shows such as "The Consumer Electronics Show 'CES'" to purchase only those products that are unique and hard to find items and to find new manufactorers to represent their products to our very intelligent and refined customer base. Our mission is to establish relationships with our vendors that are longterm  and profitable.  A Washington State based company in Tacoma we pride ourselves in communicating to our customers only the cool and unique products of the present and the future.

What we are looking for!

The following products are on our hit list this year at the CES Show:

  • Day/Night Security Cameras
  • LED Lighting solutions
  • Digital Locking Systems with traceability
  • Cellular Boosters for the trucking industry and our Alaska Clients
  • Robotic toys
  • Web Managed Database solutions
  • All inclusive hand helds
  • USB and remote controled toys
  • Vehicle management Systems
  • Satellite Radio Accessories for Car and Home
  • WIFI Solutions for Restraunts, Lounges and Taverns
  • High end audio for the boating industry
  • Computer memory and cooling systems
  • Personal audio devices with Blue Tooth capability
  • Infrared Security products
  • Laser engravers for our associates at and
  • Solar power products
  • HVAC control products
  • Poster Printers
  • Network Cameras PTZ
  • HDMI Matrix, Splitters and Distribution
  • CNC Products
  • Marine Electronics for Recreational and Commercial Use

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Open Communication

Who are We?

Chris Fry and Alexander J Cartwright  alias "MrBaseball"  own Refryd Distributing. Started fourteen years ago with a vision that you can specialize in 2% of the marketplace offerings as long as they are of the most unique design, highest quality and of the finest workmanship. Chris is the MacGyver of our day and age and his perspective on products adds to the success we have enjoyed. Alex brings vision to our customers and is an excellent communicator to our Vendors. His business savvy and soft-spoken marketing talent makes our company unique.  Between the two of them the show floor of CES is a sweet tooth's candy store. 

How to Reach Us?

Call Alex at  253-640-6039 or Chris at  907-650-7627. We are glad  to meet with vendors if time permits to discuss your product and if you are purchasing please notify us by email and we will call you back. Our email address is .  


We market directly to our high end clients and businesses. They hire us to find a solution to a problem they are having. We also sesarch for products that they can market or will fit well in their existing product lines. We have many clients this year and are looking for a wide range of products in many areas of the electronic industry.


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